google analytics widget for wordpress

Google Analytics widget
for WordPress admin interface

Do you want to view your Google Analytics account from WordPress Dashboard ?!

Introducing L ARA, Google Analytics Dashboard Widget

google analytics widget for wordpress

The Plugin adds a full width Google Analytics dashboard widget for your WordPress admin interface,
and inserts latest Google Analytics tracking code to all your pages.


analytic metrics
Full Access to 7 Analytic Metrics

  • Sessions
  • Users
  • Page views
  • % New Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • avg. Session Duration
  • Page views/Session

express setup
Easy & Fast Setup

With Express Setup, you’ll be up and running in no time

full width graphics
Beautiful Graphs At Full Width

Full width admin widget, with beautiful graphs

Want more ?! .. The Pro Version Has It All

Buy the Pro version, and get access to lots of additional features,
Plus 12 months of free updates and support


customizable date range

Check metrics for any date range, not just the last 30 days

You can easily customize the time range to display for any given metric. The ranges include some preset ranges like the "last 30 days", "last week", "this month" and "last month", as well as an interactive calendar to easily select any time range of your choice.

zoomable map

Countries with most visitors to your website, all shown on a beautiful zoomable map

The widget displays statistical information about the traffic that comes to your website from each country. You can also zoom into the map for more details per country.

browsers statistics

Browsers used to view your website, plus detailed statistics of their versions

This is an important peice of information when you want to make sure that your site works seamlessly on all browsers

languages statistics

Languages spoken by your website visitors

This section provied detailed information about the languages spoken by your website visitors

operating systems statistics

Operating Systems used by your website visitors, plus detailed statistics of their versions

Are you getting more traffic from desktop computers, or mobile devices? And from what versions? You can easily now find all the answers.

screen resolutions statistics

Screen Resolutions used to view your website

The detailed and quick overview of the screen resolution statistics given by our widget halps you better optimize your website for different screen sizes

google search console keywords

Keywords, provided by Google Search Console

The widget integrates Google Search Console to collect keywords, and their ranking on Google search

traffic source statistics

Traffic Source, showing URLs that are sendng you traffic

The widget helps you with your online marketing efforts by providing an easy way to check the sources that are sending you traffic, and their statistics

Pages visited in your site

The widget provides detailed figures about the number of times each page in your website is visited and its visiting percentage among other pages

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